Hi there everyone.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of my art and photography with you. I am far from being a professional artist, or photographer, but despite the amateur likes of my work, I would love to share them with you anyway.

I enjoy sketching, particularly children’s storybook characters. I have recently been sketching for a new little project that I am doing. This is something I have wanted to do for a while.

Having a son of my own and being able to decorate his nursery according to a storybook theme has inspired me to create nursery canvas artwork. I have posted the first couple of sketches below for a Peter Rabbit theme I am doing. I have drawn these sketches free hand. I then lighten them electronically to create more of a stencil to go by and then tomorrow will be the watercolour on canvas. I will post some more pics of when the watercolour is complete.

I also thought I would share an acrylic painting I finished quite a while ago for a family friend. It was actually quite a large piece. This was when I first started to paint. It was all about Australia and our wildlife. My favourite part of the painting was the lorikeet.

I would love to hear feedback and for you to share your artwork and photography!